11 Nisan 2020 Cumartesi


To protect ourselves and our loved ones and even the lives we do not know;
We can start by washing our hands with hygienic hand washing instead of social hand washing, that is, by washing our soapy hands between the fingers, palms and fingertips, and even our wrists for 20 seconds.
Please put them in the trash bin by using disposable media. We have done enough damage to nature.
In sneezing and coughing actions, let's cover our mouth and nose with disposable wipes, and if we don't have handkerchiefs, cover them with the inside of our elbow.
Let's avoid touching our face, mouth, and nose, especially when we have to go out with our hands.
Please try to keep 3 steps distance at home and outdoors.
If we do not feel well, let's get help from health institutions, stay in our house in this process and isolate ourselves from other family members.
We do not forget that we have exhausted our patience, strength, and energy from acquiring information outside the official institutions, and especially by protecting our mental health by obtaining information from official institutions.
Let's listen to a lot of music, read a book, paint, enter the kitchen and cook food, let us remind ourselves and our loved ones what a unique blessing it is to breathe in and out.

         Let's take care of ourselves and our loved ones until the days when happy and sunny days come together, where we can sit together on the benches and chat.


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